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Lyric excerpts from

The Flutter of Angels' Wings

All the following lyrics are copyright Patrick Bain 2011. All rights reserved.

Sing of Your Strength

Like a mighty cedar
By a gentle stream
Your Spirit flows through my being
I will sing of your strength

Like a palo verde
Spreads it canopy
That the birds above might find relief
I will sing of your love...

Sometimes I Wonder

Some days are really hard,
In the midst of trials
We don’t see God’s plan,

But coming to the Lord
Like a little child
We start to trust---and then we understand

God’s at work, his mighty works

The Work of God displayed in me

My Swimming Buddy

Standing in the shallow water
Wondering where to go
Should I walk in to my waist?
Should I back out to my toes?

I can fall to my knees and not get water in my nose

I feel safe in the shallow water flows

Fires of Faith

Let your fires refine me
Your flames purify

Ignite a passion inside me
A faith burning bright.

Let your Word remind me
And hope intensify

Consuming passion inside me
Revealed by the light


He is the artist, and
We are his living art
We bear his signature
‘cause he set us apart

To do great things He’s planned
That his grace might increase

He is the artist, and
We are his masterpiece!

After God's Own Heart

Why we sing and shout

Look at our hearts
To see what we’re about

We worship the Living God (girls)
We worship the Living God (boys)
We come in the name
Of the LORD Almighty
We worship the Living God.


The Most High is worthy
We exalt and lift him high
Let everything beneath the sky
Proclaim him
The Most High is worthy.
Everything he does is right.
We are humbled by his might.

Let us walk into his light … and proclaim
He is worthy.

Glass Cathedral

It’s easy to be selfless when others can see,
But do I put others first when I’m alone.

In my thoughts do I hope for friends to succeed
or do I long to be the only one known

Sweet Like Jesus

It’s like Grandma’s cinnamon rolls
It’s like my sister’s lemon bars 
It’s so sweet in my mouth to sing to Jesus

It’s like a box of donut holes
It’s like Mom’s cake sprinkled with stars
It’s so sweet in my mouth to sing to Jesus.

I Am Not a Robot

The world keeps feeding me
Inputs about how I should be
Trying to conform me
To the image of humanity

But I am not a robot
Living the pattern of this world
Letting TV guide my thoughts
Letting culture shape my world

Inside of Me

I can run to the spotlight
Or hide from the stares

I can grab a piece of glory
Or act like I don’t care

My smile might mean I’m happy
But it may mean I’m somewhere


Sometimes I love attention
We all need a chance to shine

It’s all right to walk the carpet
‘til flash bulbs leave you blind

But applause is not contentment
and friendship I can find

From those who look deep inside of me

Grace and Mercy

When there’s no where left to turn,
You have to face the truth,
There’s nothing you can do to measure up.

But looking up you’ll find,
Your guilt and shame have been removed,
When Jesus passed around the mercy cup.

The symbol of the cup,
Is the blood shed in your place
It fills the mercy cup to overflow,

Flowing from the cup,
Is the nectar of His grace,
The only grace and mercy man can know.


The evil in the world’s not caused by the Devil,
But by his worldly aide desire.

Lunatic, Liar, or LORD

Jesus was a lunatic, a liar, or the LORD!

He claimed to be the great I AM,
Only begotten Son of God,

He claimed to be the only way,
With the right to forgive sin.

He was resurrected and lives today,
And soon will come again!

Psalm 62

He alone is my rock and my salvation,
He is my fortress, I will never be shaken

Find rest – O my soul, in God alone, my hope comes from Him.

Jurassic Church

Jurassic Church

No love, just liturgy.
No passion for God’s word.

Jurassic Church

No one will bend a knee,
Or pray that hearts are stirred.

Psalm 31:16

I am not worthy, for you to look upon me,
I am covered by my guilt and shame.

Still you count me worthy, to share in your glory,
And receive the power found in no other name.

Let your face shine upon your servant,
Save me in your unfailing love,

Risky Business

It’s like picking up hitchhikers near the State Pen,
It’s like running barefoot on wet cement,

It’s like skiing downhill with your eyes closed.
You’re playing with Hellfire like nobody knows!

So turn, turn,
            It’s high time you learned,
Our God is gracious,
            But He will not be spurned.
You can spit in His face
            But you’re gonna get burned,
So turn, turn, turn,
            It’s high time you turned.


In the garden, his friends were sleeping,
The betrayer would soon arrive.

With sweat like blood, he prayed for our keeping,
Though he knew he could not survive.

The soldiers came, with a mob of angry men
They bound and led him away,

He left like a lamb, though there was a legion
Of angels ready on that day.

He is … the ultimate risk-taker,
Jesus Christ, the LORD!

Leaving Heaven, he humbled himself,
On the chance, we’d be restored.


I see you
You are wonderful
And I love you!

I see you
You are wonderful
And I love you!

I… Love… You
Even when
I can’t see you!


I’ve never truly faced persecution
Never been in prison waiting execution

Can’t say I’ve ever been tested for my faith.

I’ve never been on trial facing prosecution
Never forced to speak with elocution,

At the point of a gun for my true faith.

Perfect Gifts

Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father above,
The simple things that bring joy, the riches of love
Every single breath, with which we sing,
God gives us every good and perfect thing.

This is my vow as I take your hand now,
Not as someone I deserve, but as someone to serve.
I will faithfully lead, according to your need,
That all our days will magnify His praise.

Desert Storm

In a desert storm
Where there is no rain

Lightning streaks
Down to the ground

My thoughts are still
I give him my pain

That I may listen
To the gentle sound

The storm is gone
The storm is gone

The Flutter of Angels' Wings

Praise the LORD, O my soul
Your compassion is a crown to me
Praise the LORD, you heavenly host
The One who satisfies, with all good things
He redeems and forgives, but His greatest gift
Is the gentle beat of His whispering
Like the flutter of angels’ wings.